Are you in Good Health?

Not too long ago I was reading an article on health and health care and saw some interesting comments about physical health that made me reflect on spiritual health. One such comment said that everyone has a hunger for something…and where it is that your greatest temptation comes in dealing with your appetite is midday and then late at night…because those are the hours in which your body begins to crave what it desires. It went on to say that is why it is vital that you don’t skip a meal…because if you skip a meal and not give your body what it needs it will begin to desire what it wants.

When you don’t feed your body the necessary nutrients of health that it needs to stay healthy, your body in turn will begin to crave or desire to have those things that it wants.

You have to feed the body what it needs in order to diminish the drive and desire of what it wants. The reason you settle for snack food and junk food is because you did not have your vegetables and fruit and grain that is necessary. As I was reading that article the Spirit took my mind to spiritual health.

The reality is many of us fall to temptation and the things that make us weak because we have not fed our spirit person those things it needs in order to remain strong and healthy. When we don’t keep ourselves in good spiritual health it becomes easy to start to fall into doing things that we want…and when you are weak spiritually you will still want things you should have gotten over by now.

Everyone has a level of temptation

 All of us, no matter how saved we may profess to be has something we are weak to and can be tempted by. In Luke 22:40, it was Jesus who said to His disciples…PRAY SO THAT YOU DO NOT FALL INTO TEMPTATION…which says to me you can fall to what makes you weak even when you are following Jesus. You will never be tempted to do something you won’t enjoy…and you enjoy it whether you are saved or not. If you won’t enjoy it, then it is not a temptation. Everyone has a level of temptation. The only way to handle it is by making sure you are feeding your spirit what it needs… THE WORD OF GOD.

When you look at the temptation of Jesus at the beginning of His ministry, Jesus has been in prayer for forty days and yet when Satan comes He does not go into prayer but goes into Word. Your prayer life will be of no affect for you if you do not know the Word. When Jesus goes into warfare, He does not go into clichés and catch phrases and things He has heard at the church. When the enemy comes after Him He goes to the Word. It’s alright to quote and tweet Bishop and whoever else you want to quote, but when you are one on one with the devil, don’t just quote a sermon from Bishop…you better say, “THE BIBLE SAYS…AS IT IS WRITTEN,

No weapon formed against me shall prosper…
Stand still and see the salvation…
The joy of the Lord is my strength…
For thou, oh Lord, are a shield for me…
Fret not thyself because of evildoers…
The Lord is my light and salvation…”

Spend some tyme in God’s Word to feed your spirit and learn who you are and whose you are!!

3 John 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along.


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