#5Take your life and break it into 3 equal segments and then think of the most significant area or thing that happened in your life. Think of the choice you made. How do you think it would have changed if your decision was different? Where do you think you would be today? What do you think God’s ultimate plan for you is? Do you believe that God has overridden all your choices? What are the most significant choices you have made?

In life we have to make choices all the tyme. With whom to make friends with? What to do? Where to go? What job to do? What to do first? What to choose over another…..

Bible is one long story about choices people made and the consequences – The list is endless:

Adam and Eve

Cain with his anger















You know that greater the choice greater the man or woman (Daniel, Moses). But often the choices were simple ones – but it had major repercussions. Sometymes the options are there and we think all we have to do is to use our intelligence and choose the best.  But is it the best? For a moment think of Adam choosing a helpmate – What if he had chosen a Donkey? What did he do? He waited for God to give him the very best

In the Book of Jeremiah God says that he has great plans for us – Plans to prosper us (Jer 29:11) John says I pray that you prosper in all things even as your soul prospers (3John2)

But how are we going to make the correct choices?

–         Know God’s heart  (The word)

–         Know the tradition – Israel built alters and fathers and mothers taught the children. they listen to the old

–         They prayed  ( communed with God)

–         They fellowshipped – learned from each other

–         They did God’s will

Some say that Life is all about being in the correct place at the correct tyme and doing the correct thing- the problem is that we do not know what is correct

I say life is all about making choices that are aligned with God’s will – If we don’t we are dying. This is what I consider all important

Choose to follow and serve the Lord – Joshua 24:1415

Choose instructions more than anything else – Proverbs 8:10, & 16:16 and John 7:17

Make the correct choices about friendships Having a friendship with the world is dangerous –James 4:14


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