You are never really ready!

#3God has brought you to the place where you are at right now to give you training and instructions. You are never really ready for anything. Sometymes we live our lives in fear to step out and accomplish great things because we don’t feel that we are ready. God just wants you to obey HIM and follow HIM, He doesn’t want you to feel ready.  If God wants you to do something HE has already equipped you with everything you need to accomplish what HE is calling you to do. You just need to trust God, have faith and step out.

Read Jeremiah 1 where the Lord chooses Jeremiah. Sometymes we may feel like Jeremiah and think that we are not ready to do what God is calling us to do, but notice God’s response back to Jeremiah. God says in v. 8 “Do not be afraid of the people I send to you. I am with you. I will save you.” God will give you the boldness to speak and the anointing you will need to carry out His will. There is no need to fear because HE is with you. Stop waiting for the details, just go! God will reveal things to you in His perfect timing. If you keep waiting for yourself to get ready then you will never accomplish anything. Stop wasting your life on waiting to be ready. Maybe you are waiting to get married, to have kids, to go to school, whatever the excuse you have just STOP making excuses and just step out in faith and trust God to help with the rest.

*Photo(s)/Resource(s): Danielle Grehn

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