Fear vs. Faith

wired for worshipYou are never too young to begin setting goals. You are also never too old to continue setting goals for your life.  As you look at what you would like to accomplish with your life you may have many different emotions that come to the surface.

Often our goals are centered on how much money we want to make and the different things that we want to have. For many people their goals also include being disease free – being able to life a vibrant, healthy life.

Whatever your goals may be, you will have moments when you will have to choose fear or faith.

As you are dreaming of how you want your life to look you may get this voice inside your head saying that you are crazy. That goal is too big. It is unachievable. You are not capable of making that much money or they always pick someone else for that promotion. Losing weight is too difficult and every time you try to lose weight, you just gain more. The doctors say that you will have to take this medication for the rest of your life. You will never be well enough to live without it. And in goes on and on and on.

This is your fear talking. It is trying to protect you from setting goals that will just disappoint you. It is trying to prevent you from living life too big. Fear knows that if it can keep you focused on why your dreams are impossible that it will win. You will stay paralyzed and every time you go to change your life that it can gain a little more control by planting these same seeds of doubt repeatedly. Fear releases chemicals in your body that zap the energy from your life. It makes you feel like there is no use. You might as well just stay on the couch watching the same TV programs each day and night. Rather than turning the TV off and living your own life and creating your own dreams.

Let me ask you though. How are you really going to feel if you do not reach your goal? It is time for you to realize that you no longer need fear to play a part in your goal setting. Although fear may have good intentions, it is actually preventing you from leading your life. You are going to feel awful if you do not live life to your fullest potental. Fear no longer has a place in your mind; instead, you choose to put every tool into play that will help you achieve your dreams. There is nothing that can stop you.

When you do this, you are choosing faith over fear. With faith, even the largest dreams became possible. By putting faith into place, you are telling the universe that you believe in yourself. You begin looking for solutions to problems and you find many more solutions than obstacles.  Chemicals are released in your body that make you feel excited and energized. You begin to see additional income opportunities. You see ways that you can improve your skill sets. You find that eating nutrition packed meals make you feel better and have less calories than what you use to eat. You now have more energy and are craving exercise. You realize that your body is a miracle and it is able to heal itself when you feed it what it needs. You find others who have been in your predicament and see that they are living a vibrant, healthy life. You find a medical professional who helps you accomplish your goals. You now know that age is in the mind not the body and you can feel great at any age.

This is what faith is about. Our minds are extremely powerful and whatever you imagine and believe in will occur in your life. Every moment of every day, you have a choice. The tipping point is just fifty-one percent. Choose faith over fear 51% of the time and you will see your dreams unfold before your eyes.

 *Photo(s)/Resource(s):  Traci Brosman

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