“Then they got Joseph’s robe, slaughtered a goat and dipped the robe in the blood.” (Genesis 37:31 NIV)

Comparison2For many, comparison is one of the most difficult battles to conquer. In fact, many tymes it is the FINAL battle. When we’re free of comparison we’re truly free! Comparison = Compare + I + Sons. It’s comparing yourself to the other sons (i.e. the story of Joseph). Joseph’s brothers is a perfect illustration that jealous comparison causes you to say things you’d never thought you’d say, do things you never thought you’d do and go places you’d never thought you’d go. Comparison causes you to betray the Father. Joseph’s brothers brutally betrayed their father because of the jealousy they harbored toward Joseph.

Yet, Judah (The oldest) had no idea that the Lion (Jesus) would come from his own family lineage. Jealousy, envy, and comparison blind you to your own promise and potential. Judah’s name means praiseworthy. He had a destiny too but couldn’t see it from the jealousy in his eyes. Our jealousy toward others is because we don’t recognize or believe in the greatness in ourselves. Comparison literally imprisons you. Notice later the brothers ended up in an Egyptian jail and it all started from their jealous rage against Joseph. Envy is dangerous. It is a murdering spirit that exists mostly between brothers with the same dream (I.e. Cain & Abel).

Roter und Grüner ApfelWhen you compare yourself to others successes you question God’s wisdom and accuse Him of unfairness. It causes you to reject the unique and significant thing the Holy Spirit is orchestrating in YOUR life. Your envy of other’s gifts causes you to despise your own gifts and render them inactive. Only when you accept God’s sovereignty in His distribution of gifts, will you be able to fully discover and develop you own (i.e. the parable of the 5, 2 and 1 talents). Refuse to envy other’s success. You have no idea what past hardships or present struggles they’ve had to endure to get there. Envy is a poverty spirit. Don’t fall for the lie that God has run out of favor and there’s none left for you. When you despise the God-given success of others you despise God Himself. Celebrate what God is doing in others.

Your tyme IS coming! Comparison causes you to mar the credibility of others. When you do this you attempt to tear down the reputation that God is building in them. The truth is, when you put someone else’s candle out it doesn’t make yours shine any brighter! Envy also causes you to secretly celebrate someone’s failure. Have you secretly celebrated someone’s failure or even wished it? Repent and believe your season of favor is coming!

Comparison1Finally, comparison stems from a deep insecurity that you are not valuable, beautiful, smart or adequate enough. The power to overcoming comparison is the grace of God. It is to believe that you have been made complete in Christ and that He is your identity. Nothing compares to Jesus and because you are in Him you have all the qualities that make you great. You have HIS qualities. When you fully accept that you are His most loved son or daughter, your life will begin an amazing transformation. By recognizing the greatness within, you can fully rise to your potential and discover the incredible life that God has waiting for you. You have everything you need inside to become all God has made you to be! The power of God’s grace causes you to focus on what Christ has accomplished for you and therefore you are set free from the envy of other’s accomplishments. In fact, embracing grace empowers you to celebrate other’s successes naturally!

*Photo(s)/Resource(s): Tony Sutherland

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