“Make the rules”

When we think about our future, what keeps us from moving forward? And what is limiting us in our lives today? The irony is that often the answer to these questions is rooted in our past. Failure. Disappointment. Shame. We feel chained to these failed past performances and broken dreams.I read a post by Seth Godin in 2005 about how smart companies make new rules. It was all about redefining markets and challenging the status quo.
I never forgot it.

What about our Christian life? You can either keep the rules, break the rules, or make the rules.
Some people associate Christianity with keeping the rules. Don’t murder or commit adultery; do serve & give to the poor… etc. Of course, God‘s laws are perfect, and His principles should be honored. But Christianity is so much more than as et of rules to keep. Jesus perfectly fulfilled the Law. We live by grace, through faith. When you try to be a rule keeping kind of Christian, you always come up short, and will probably eventually burn out. You’ll also miss the essence of the Gospel.
Some people choose to reject God’s Word altogether and break the rules. We’ve all seen people who profess to be Christians drift off into rebellious, sinful, destructive behavior. Sometimes, they even justify their loose living by claiming that they’re expressing their freedom in Christ. How can we, who died to sin, live in it any longer?
Jesus came to make the rules. New rules. To upgrade our paradigms and renovate our hearts in His image. Jesus redefined religion. And those who follow Him should be a part of creating and exemplifying this new standard to the world.
Some people keep the rules
Others end up breaking themselves against the rules.
True followers of jesus make the rules… set the standard, and change the world.
Photo(s)/Resource(s) Seth Godin & Steven Furtick

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