What Does A Real MAN Look Like?


A book I received and read by Enrigue Pascal, has touch on some  circumstances I faced in my life inspired me to write this blog:

What Does A Real MAN Look Like? This question is the million dollar inquiry.  Surprisingly, it is asked by as many men as women.  Quite a few ladies are experiencing tremendous pain because they are involved with men who have no true sense of manhood.  To make matters worse, society give us conflicting messages regarding this issue.  The quest to discovering a real man can be dark and troubling. What Does A Real MAN Look Like? Quite often, this question is answered with physical characteristics such as: tall, dark, handsome, blond hair, or blue eyes.  This mindset is the major source of the problem.  Society is so fascinated with the physical features of people that we overlook or pay very little attention to their emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

True beauty is on the inside of an individual not on the outside.  A Person can have amazing looks and yet have a terrible heart.  God is attracted to a certain type of man.  “But the Lord said to Samuel, Look not on his appearance or at the height of his stature, for I have rejected him.  For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” {1st Samuel 16:7AMP}.  What kind of man attracts your attention?

What Does A Real MAN Look Like? This question echoed in my mind constantly, and my search for the answer steered me in the wrong direction.  I was intrigued by drug dealers, womanizers, short-tempered men, selfish men, money hunger men and men who utilized damaging words.  I did have temporary examples of a real men with my uncles and later my stepfather; but I became the very person I admired.  My life was a living hell, I was failing in all of my relationships, and I was on the verge of losing my mind.  The turmoil was too much for me to handle.  As a result, I was depressed and haunted by thoughts and attempts of suicide.  I was filled with constant frustration because I was trying to do the right thing, but I kept failing no matter how hard I tried.

It is difficult to know what is right if you were never introduced to the rules for good living.  This statement is not an excuse by any means as I am not attempting to hide behind my faults.  As a whole, my life was on the job training, and my wife was on the verge of saying those dreadful words, “You are fired.”  I should have been fired.  I was doing a terrible job of being a responsible adult and a good husband.  I struggled with my transformation; however, I was determined to transform into what I desperately needed to become – “A Real MAN.” I did not write this blog to bash men or to pat myself on the back.  In reality, I am very transparent regarding my own struggles with this issue.  I love to help people, and I believe you can only help a person by exposing all of yourself – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  With this understood, I wrote this blog to shed light on a dark situation.  Numerous people have tried to define a real man and have failed in their attempts.  It is my desire to share with you important information which has radically changed my life for the better.  I am excited for you because I believe this information is going to radically change your life for the better as well.

My journey led me to the greatest discovery in the world – the love of God! I cannot describe to you the freedom I felt once I discovered this amazing guide and example to true manhood.  For the first tyme in my life, I surrendered to the Father who loves me more than I could ever imagine.  His love is the reason why I made this life changing conversion, His love is the reason why I wrote this book, and His love is the reason why you are reading this book.

What Does A Real MAN Look Like? When I asked God this question, He revealed the answer to me in great depth and detail.  He led me to Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father.  What an example of a real man.  Joseph had to be an amazing man since God trusted him with the responsibility of fathering Jesus.  I was moved and deeply inspired by Joseph’s character.  Are you ready to be moved and deeply inspired by Joseph’s character? Are you ready to experience a transformation that will forever change your life for the better?

What Every Man And Woman Need To Know About True Manhood!

 Photo(s)/Resource(s): Enrique Pascal

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