Can YOU really make a difference?

you_can_make_a_differenceIt is during adversity when one can really make a big difference. But making a difference is not about being a big hero. It is simply about leaving the bathroom a little cleaner going out, than when you came in. We all live busy lives, don’t we? These busy lives can often feel very overwhelming. And then, as if we aren’t busy enough keeping up with the demands of our own personal and professional lives, there are the pressures of being more involved in our communities and the world-at-large.

Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.

Today, I share with you a story I recently read from the questions you all have been sending. This story is about a female executive who is trying to improve her place in life by attending school. She is driven to do this because she has a family to support. In addition to her work and her family depending upon her, she has surrounded herself with wonderful friends, but many of them look to her for advice and spiritual guidance. On top of all this, she is feeling like she is not doing enough for her community and that she should be more involved in the world around her! She wants to make a difference!

Already feeling overwhelmed just hearing about her? Well, I have some great advice for her and for you.  I believe there are many other ways you can find a balance and thrive in your personal and professional life. With compassion and self-discipline, you can be successful! Being successful in what you do IS giving back to the community in many ways. Be empowered to live life with purpose! Let me leave you with this last thought; don’t underestimate the value you bring to every situation just by being you! All of the things you are doing now, from working, to taking classes, to keeping up with your friends and family, are ways of giving back, whether it feels like it or not!

Leave you mark on the world by the way you llive your life today!    – Cindy Trimm

God bless you and it’s great doing life with you!


Photo(s)/Resuource(s): Dr. Cindy Trimm


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