The Person GOD Uses…

OrdinaryPeopleRecently I had an interesting and “cute” conversation with a young person that loves the Lord and is so on fire for God. He reached out to me and said, “I want the Lord to use me. How can I be used by the Lord at my age”. That young person unknowingly did what so many persons older than they do each and everyday. So many people think that there need to be certain “qualifications” before God will use you. There is no question that it should be one of the deepest desires of every believer to be a part of the pan of God. There ought to be something inside all of us to get off the bench and get in the game.
One of the things you can learn from scripture is that every person God uses is not in some high position. God can also use people to further His plan as they go about their day, unaware of how God is even using them to further His plan in their lives and in the world. I am reminded of the wedding at Cana in the second chapter of the Gospel of John. Jesus had an array of persons to choose from to get done what needed to be done. He had His disciples who had been invite there with Him. There was Mary, His mother; there was the bride or the groom; there was even the Master of Ceremonies who makes the announcement at the end. Isn’t that how we think? The ones with titles should be or are the only ones that can be used by the Lord.

Jesus turned to ordinary people to carry out the extraordinary miracle

When the wine ran out, He could have instructed the disciples to go and fill up the water basins. Jesus did the unexpected. He called on the no name servants and used them to assist in the performance of the miracle. Let that settle on you and then let it encourage you. They had no pedigree. They weren’t connected. We aren’t even told their names. Jesus turned to ordinary people to carry out the extraordinary miracle. If you look at yourself as ordinary, then you are a prime candidate for miracle participation. God can use you to do something extraordinary. Too often we assume that people with status will be the Lord’s first choice. Can I tell you that when it comes to the Kingdom, having a title does not set you apart to be used by God? God is looking for a heart that is willing to serve and not a resume that proves previous service.


*Photo(s)/Resource(s): BRMJ

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