God doesn’t have expiration dates!

milkkHave you ever felt like you reached a point in your life where you feel like you have missed it? Like you knew you were supposed to do something important with your life. Life just seemed to get in the way and now that you are older you feel like you missed out on some big opportunity in life. You are not alone in this scenario and God is faithful to fulfill the promises in your life. In Genesis 18:10-15, Sarah thought she had already passed the date of expiration of ever having a child.

She even laughed in disbelief when God told her she would have a son. Have you ever doubted something would happen? Especially when you feel like you already missed out on the opportunity for it to take place. You are past the age of your dream ever giving birth. I just want to encourage you today and tell you that you are never past the age of God fulfilling his promises in your life. God promises to fulfill His Word in “Due Tyme”. Now ‘due tyme’ may not be ‘our tyme’, but it is the perfect tyme. It is not a matter of ‘IF’ it will happen, it is only a matter of ‘how’ and ‘when’ it will take place. Look to God and trust Him to be faithful and carry out His Word to completion.

*Photo(s)/Resource(s): Danielle Grehn

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