Are You A God Man?

#egmnt_3-_61My grand father was a God Man, My Pastor is a God Man. King David was a God Man, Elijah was a God Man, Ruth was a God Man, Esther was a God Man. When I ask the question, are you a God man? I’m not only speaking about the male species, but humanity!

These are the words that you don’t want said to you, if you are a God Man “Stand away from me for I never knew you.” As a God Man, I do my best to live my life congruently by the word of God so that I don’t hear those words. The response to the Lord, “Lord we did miracles, cast out devils and we prophesied…” And the Lord will say to those who did not keep his word, “Depart from me for I never knew you.”

Matt 7:21 Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord, will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in Heaven.

Many will say to me on that day Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will plainly say, I never knew you, away from me you evil doers.

The Lord did not know them in the body of Christ. As you know, intimacy means: very close or familiar. “In to me see,” is the way I say it. He did not know their works or their fruit was not congruent to his word. This fear of the Lord “keeps me” fear of his judgment and a Godly fear of falling short. I believe humanity needs a large dose of Godly fear. This scripture does that for me. Matthew 7:21


You know when you accept Jesus and agree to follow Him, you are in covenant with our Lord. You may know already, a covenant is an agreement, compact, to promise by a covenant, to make a covenant.

So, this covenant is a promise between you and the Heavenly Father, you promise the Lord that you will serve him faithfully and follow after him hard and to do your best to obey his word. And in return the Lord says that he will cover you and hide you under his wings, shelter you, protect you and your house in his mighty fortress and when your enemies attack you and get strong against you, He will give them trouble all of their own.

I’ve said in my writing that a Christian should always check themselves; this is really one of those times. We should examine ourselves before the Lord has to. For on that last and final day God will and by then it will be to late. So we should all do the things of obedience more and more. You know, pray and do the work of Christ while it is still day.

Now I look at this situation of the fruit of the people. They felt they were doing pretty good. They told Him they had prophesied in His name, cast out devils and preformed miracles. If you look at the Church, the body of Christ today and I mean all denominations, Baptist, Catholic, Church of God in Christ and Pentecostal, etc. Most of those churches believe and do those works they mention prophesy, cast out devils and miracles.

But with these people the Lord described in Scripture with their works, he had to say, “Away from me! I never knew you.” It was because of their disobedience. It could be scary if you are not walking with obedient faith.

So my thinking goes this way, “What about the part of the body of Christ and the individual that has none of the basic fruit operating in their life? I wonder what then? What will be said to them on that dreadful day? Will it be said, “Oh, that’s ok. It’s alright you can come in fruitless. It was not your fault anyway. It’s ok that you buried the seed that I gave you because of fear.” I’m being a little facetious; but you know I am very serious. I’m saying that we see from Scripture some of them were doing the basic works of Christ or at least they thought they were and yet they did not enter in. What of the Christian that shows no works or fruit, what then? Will you take that chance?

There’s a solution. If you are a God Man, it’s better to be obedient to the word of God, walk in step with His Holy Spirit and bear fruit that when it is tried in the fire it will not burn up. Take up your cross and follow hard after the Lord. This is a life of hope and faith that we are walking out so we must do it trusting in a loving God. And He that has started a good work in us will complete it.

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