It’s Tyme To Redefine Relationships

untitledIt has been said that when God wants to bless you He sends a person into your life and when the enemy wants to destroy or distract you he sends a person into your life. That saying speaks to us about not only the necessity of relationships but also the care and discernment that relationships must be handled with. How you handle and navigate relationships can determine destiny or detriment.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, we see Jesus giving us a great example of how to properly do this. NOTICE if you will, when he comes to this season there is a SEASON OF SEPARATION BASED ON A REDEFINITION OF RELATIONSHIPS.

Jesus has twelve disciples, but here He pulls out three. This is the week of His greatest pain and the fulfillment of His assignment. Please understand that as you reach the final stage of walking into what God has assigned to you it will demand some isolation. I’m writing this for some people who feel like God is snatching you out of friendships. He is pulling you away from people you have been close to. You seem to be getting further and further away from people. He may be moving you further from them in order to get you closer to Him.

There may be some people that you call friends who need to be downgraded to associates.  After the separation He says to the three that He has brought with Him…SIT HERE WHILE I GO OVER THERE. You will have to learn that you have the right to determine people’s position in your life. You have the right and the authority to determine how far they go and where you want them positioned…SIT HERE WHILE I GO OVER THERE. He did not ask them their opinion. YOU SIT RIGHT HERE. You have to learn how to put people in their place.

You can dictate where people can be in your life. Don’t you let people into your life telling you where they are going to be. You determine where people fit and where they are to be positioned. As you reflect on this devotional today ask God to reveal to you who belongs in your life and where they belong in your life and just maybe whose time is up for relationship. Don’t make people permanent who were intended to be transitional.

*Photo/Resources:  BRMJ

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