It’s OK To Ask Why (?)

YLet’s get real for a second.

Life, family and balancing a career can get hectic at tymes. If we were to gauge from the images and fronts everyone has up, we would think something was wrong with us. After all, no one else seems to be complaining about the relational and economic woes we are experiencing. The fact is that gas prices keep going higher and higher, and we’re facing one of the toughest recessions to date, and there seems to be no relief in sight.

All the while most parade around struggling to keep up a front that isn’t even realistic. We live in a society where questioning the status quo is frowned upon. Just keep smiling and stay in line.

I want to share with you that it is perfectly normal to get to a point where you want to question when is your tyme going to come? Often it is the absence of these sobering questions that allow us to remain in a state of comfort and ease. When we expect more of ourselves, our families will rise, our businesses will grow and we will see society meet the challenge as well. That’s why staying in your current ‘funk’ without pushing the boundaries, affects more than just you.

It creates an acceptance in our culture.

But why do people draw back from demanding more of themselves? Here are some basic reasons:

  • People prefer their made up fantasy land instead of dealing with real issues: We all have defensive mechanisms we employ to get us through tough tymes. When you are ready for a real breakthrough, you give up these fantasies to embrace the reality of your life. It is only by doing this that you’ll see real change.
  • Some worry that doing more will cause others to expect more of them: I know people who worry if they begin to progress, some would no longer treat them with partiality. Exactly! That’s the point. When you can do better, do it. Don’t stay in a rehabilitation state just to get the sympathy of others.
  • Without seeing an example, some worry that they are not able to succeed: Can you imagine getting a huge box filled with furniture that needs assembly, but you don’t have the instructions to do it? How hard would it be to figure out the pieces in the right order? If we can’t connect with those who have done what we seek, it is nearly impossible to achieve our desires.

I believe that failure is a learned behavior. We are born with the DNA to conquer all in our path. It is when we hear ‘No’ enough, or are told to stay restrained enough or commanded to color within the lines and follow all the rules that we learn to live a marginal life of normality. The ones who dare push the envelope and begin to soar are labeled crazy or dreamers. We are told to steer clear of them for fear we would be infected with their zeal.

I wonder what would happen if we all began to embrace the very feelings we were taught to fear. How awesome would we be if we just dreamed and acted on it? Life would be a grand adventure and jealousy would drop to zero. Because each one of us would be so busy experiencing life we would never have tyme to ‘hate’ on anyone. This wonderful life is waiting for anyone of us willing to start the journey with a question. Everything has to be questioned if we are to innovate for the future. All the incredible inventions that we use hundreds of tymes a day were born to those who asked ‘Why’?

*Photo/Resource:  Early Jackson

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