The Cost of Covenant

One of the things that you learn early on when reading the word of God is that God is a God of covenant. When God does things it is about covenant. When God created Adam, God established the intimacy of relationship with him through the establishment of covenant. When God had to punish humanity for her sins, after the flood, God spoke to the people about restoration of moving forward based upon covenant. When God rescued the people from the exile of Egypt and got them unto Himself, He let them know that the land of promise would be theirs if they worked and lived with Him through covenant. I don’t want you to miss this.

Something that becomes important to know can be seen in God’s relationship with Adam and with the people. In both instances the promise of blessings is established and/or re-established on the basis of an already established covenant between God and his man (Adam) or His people (Israel in Egypt). The basis of it was nothing the people had to “perform” or “pursue”, but was something they simply had to “be”…in covenant.

Why is that a major point? Because we are living in a day of the church where people are being taught that if you pursue God…through your praise or through your money, then it will release the hand of blessing from God into your life. That somehow the release of praise or the release of money automatically produces a release from God…but what we learn if we read the bible correctly is that all you need for God to release blessing into your life is to walk in covenant with God. Watch this. If I walk in covenant with God, then the things I have been doing to pursue God to get from God (giving Him praise and practicing proper financial stewardship), I still do…but I don’t do them to get anything from God, I do them because He is God and I am in covenant relationship with Him. So then, God blesses me because I am in covenant. This is a major thing.

That may explain why some people can come to church but still live a raggedy life…being in church doesn’t mean you are living in covenant. That can explain why some people can let the praises go up but the blessings don’t come down…because being a good shouter doesn’t mean you are living in covenant. That can explain how you can be a leader in the church but still practice demonic activity…because having a title doesn’t mean you are walking in covenant. When I live in covenant it means I do what He says do; walk like He says walk; talk like God says talk; relate like God says relate. Today make it your prayer that you seek to walk in covenant relationship with God so that you don’t pursue God’s hand but you pursue God’s presence and seek to walk in God’s purpose and in obedience to God’s word.



One thought on “The Cost of Covenant

  1. God’s covenants with people usually involved not just a “relationship” but also, as you say near the end, living and doing what God says to do. So the main covenant of the Old Testament, the covenant with Moses and Israel, says that if Israel obeys God’s commands, God will bless them with the promised land and prosperity and health. If, however, Israel disobeys, God will curse them with exile from their land.

    As followers of Christ, we focus on the new covenant found in the New Testament. While this covenant involves a much stronger relationship with God, through the Spirit given to those who turn in faith to Christ, it also includes the new commands of our king. If we remain faithful to Christ, we will be blessed not with prosperity and health but with such things as inheriting (in the end) the (whole) earth–if we remain meek (gentle) disciples (Mt. 5:5).

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