Who Am I? I Am A Champion.

It’s something about sports themed movies that moves, motivates & make you give a gut check. Something crossed my mind the other day as I was watching a trifecta of sports movie (Any Given Sunday, Facing the Giants & For Love of the Game (awesome movies)! I realized that life is a contact sport and if we approach everything in our lives in such a way that we play for the love of the game, then not only will we be more successful we’ll enjoy the process of getting there a lot more.

There are “No Winners and No Loser’s”, when you just play for the love of the game, whether you win or lose, you win. “One inch at a tyme, life is a game of inches” Champions are not defined by money or followers, but by how they live and influence people in ways that glorify God and encourage and inspire others. God gives us the keys to become a champion by developing stamina, character, integrity, trustworthiness and solid moral values. True champions are made, not born. God builds champions and He wants to build you into the champion you were meant to be!

“Champions are not those who never fail, they are those who never quit… Men love winners. They want to be identified with winners. Men open a newspaper and turn directly to the sports page because it features winners, while the front page usually features losers… Champions are the right man, in the right place, at the right tyme. Timing is all important.

I have recently had this saying as strong on my heart and mind as I contemplate the state of Christians and Christianity today. From my own observation, the trend for many of today’s Christians are not training to be Champions, they are happy to just attend church services on a casual or ad hoc basis with no full commitment to a church community. The attitude of “Lone Rangers” not needing to connect with anyone but Jesus, together with the mindset that “being in love with Jesus is all that is needed; Jesus is love and grace and would never hurt me” is rampant in churches today.

And it is these mindsets and attitudes that have created spoiled brat Christians who think that they can do whatever they like, whenever they like, with whomever they like – even when they know it is against God and His ways, because they have a fundamental belief that God will always forgive them and love them no matter. It is also these attitudes and mindsets that have created Christians today to talk so much about God, about being more than a conqueror, about being an overcomer and about essentially being a CHAMPION. But have no lifestyle, authority or power to back this up, let alone give a true display of this in REALITY! Christians today are more talkers and proclaimers, rather than walking MANIFESTATIONS of the Word of God in their very lives.

Remember be a leader. Sometymes we quit before we even get started. We seem to think we are not strong enough sometymes or it is impossible. But we have to endure it all because in the end it is worth it. We must give our best all the tyme, in everything we do. God is there beside us telling us we can finish this race!

Champions are made, not born. Many champions start with severe handicaps in life, but in making the effort to overcome, they find the ability to continue until they have excelled beyond those even without handicaps…The athlete, the farmer and the soldier all have different ways of winning. Each of them does his training, plowing or exercising in private, and they show their abilities in public…The fainthearted never win, they wilt. They start well, but fade before they finish…

It is tyme for Christians to stop mucking around with God, and get serious with Him and His process. And part of this process is that we are not called to just walk on our own with God as a lone ranger, but in a company of people called His church. For it is in the company of people and in the church, with all our imperfections and processes, that God will use this to make us into the champions we ought to be. Let’s get away from all the trend of Christianity where going to church is just another social event alongside going to the nightclubs, the parties or the movies. Let’s start taking our commitment to our local churches seriously, and give 100% so that we can be fashioned by God through our leadership, our fellow members and the church community.

Being MADE by God takes guts, courage, determination, commitment, stamina, humility and a true pursuit of God Himself. To be made by God means that we have to lay down our WHOLE LIVES unto Him, and have Him deal with us as He pleases, not according to what we allow Him or what is comfortable for us. We can hear great sermons preached, read some of the greatest books ever written for Christians and their walk in God, listen to the most anointed praise and worship music – but unless there is a true rendering of our hearts before God and a true brokenness of ourselves, our pride, our ways, our mindsets and EVERYTHING…..we will never become the champions that He has destined for us to be.

Being born again by the grace of God is one thing, being MADE by the grace of God through the trials, tribulations, afflictions and hard tymes is a whole other matter that only true champions can ever know.

The Chinese say to the boastful: “There is always a higher mountain.” The strong have their weakness, the perfect their imperfections and the greatest their flaw. The Bible says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12-13). The better way is not to fight your enemies – the true challenge is not to face or to flee your enemies, but to follow the Lord. Are you discouraged by what relatives, friends and outsiders think of you? Is your priority what others to think of you or what the Lord know about you? Have you asked the Lord what He can do with you, in you and through you? Pleasing, obeying and glorifying the Lord apply to all ages.

Who am I?  I am a Champion.
I will conquer what has not been conquered. Defeat will not be in my creed. I will believe what others have doubted. I’ll always endeavor the prestige honor & respect of my team. I have trained my mind & my body will follow.
Who am I?  I am a Champion.

* Resources: Tina Vaka, Kenneth Ulmer & Youtube

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