Big Dreams Aren’t Available at Bargain Price$

One of the greatest things about the world we live in today is that everybody has an opportunity to make a dent in the universe. The narrowing gap between creativity and technology is bringing about a creative revolution that is enabling people to tap into their potential like never before. If you stop focusing on all the things that are wrong with the world, you’ll start to see why it’s the greatest time in history. You have an opportunity to live the life that’s truly at your disposal like never before.

From a very early age, we’re indoctrinated into a traditional rewards system.  Everything we’re taught about accomplishment and achievement reinforces the need for instant gratification. We approach success as though it has an expiration date. As a result we become impatient in the pursuit of crazy wild eyed dreams and eventually abandon them to return to the pursuit of mediocrity.

The Faster the Reward Comes the Smaller the Payoff Has to Be. Recently I was having a conversation with a friend, who left a career at Microsoft, wrote 3 well selling books and became a professional public speaker.  But none of that happened overnight. In fact the version of him that you see today evolved over the course of about 10 years. In our conversation he said “unfortunately the faster the reward comes the smaller the payoff has to be.”  People lose sight of the difference between settling and settling down because they become impatient. To make a dent in the universe you have to be willing to make a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.

What’s the Price You’re Willing to Pay? Achieving anything of great significance rarely comes without a steep price. CEO’s of startups give up six figure salaries and stable paychecks in order to turn their dreams into reality. Authors spend years writing in an effort to get their first book deal. Many wildly successful people are victims of the late bloomer syndrome. They often face years of dealing with critics, naysayers, and less than ideal circumstances before their moment in the sun.

You have to invest more than a dollar or an hour in a crazy wild-eyed dream. If you think you’re going to write a New York Tymes best seller in a month, think again. If you think you’re going to build a castle in the sky overnight, you’ll be a bit disillusioned when you wake up in the morning. The truly great things in life are worth waiting for.

As a society we have a rather deep-seated need for instant gratification which can be detrimental to our future. We rush through life sometymes in so much of a hurry and forget that there might be long-term consequences to our short-term actions. The last few weeks here in Southern California, the surf conditions have been less than stellar, but that didn’t keep from getting in as much tyme in the water as possible. It took about 5 weeks by my patience and persistence paid off on Saturday with some truly fantastic waves that left my arms feeling like they were going to fall off and a post-surf glow that I hadn’t felt in a while.  In that moment I remembered that with a bit of patience and faith, we all get our moment in the sun.

We seem to have this idea that there is a right and perfect tyme for everything in our lives. Rather than let nature take its course, we tend force things, forgetting that resistance kills our flow. When life doesn’t according to plan or according to our tymelines, we take action out of fear, ultimately resulting in situations that could damage our futures.  We limit the possibilities in our future because of our fear and anxiety in the present.  Actions we take out of fear produce sub par results at best, while those taken from a place of peace and patience enable us to tap into what we’re truly capable of. Sometymes its chasing dreams and dragging ass that give you that opportunity to take two steps back so that you can take 20 steps forward.

Take Little Risks Every Single Day. If you’re afraid to take chances, start small. Make what Peter Sims refers to as little bets. As you take small chances, you’ll get comfortable with failing, learning from your mistakes and you’ll develop a tolerance for risk. Challenge the Status Quo! If you’re the type of person who is hell-bent on defending the status quo, you won’t make a dent in the universe. Just because something has always been done a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Defending tradition blindly is not only stupid, but it hinders the progress of humanity. The willingness to try something different has resulted in some of our greatest achievements.

There’s a tremendous power in patience that brings an incredible peace and calm into our lives. The irony of this is that the world around us aligns much to our desires much faster when we seem to have no concern for the rate at which it happens.  But, patience doesn’t mean sitting around and doing nothing. It means you take action towards a goal or dream with no concern when you’ll see the fruits of your labor. You paddle out every single day, you work and move forward because deep down you know that all it really takes is one good wave.

Don’t give up when it gets hard. Inevitably things are going to get difficult. Remember that anything worth doing requires the courage to fail. If you’re on the verge of a breakdown, you’re probably right around the corner from a breakthrough.

Don’t Stop Dreaming! Its crazy wild-eyed dreams that move us forward. Everything you see in the world around you was once upon a time nothing but a dream. Don’t ever stop dreaming. It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t be afraid to be wrong! There are no grades in the school of life. The fear of being wrong holds so many people back. The more you’re willing to be wrong, the more often you’ll eventually be right.

If you make enough small dents in a big dream, eventually you’ll make a dent in the universe. So ask yourself, how far you’re willing to go? That will determine how far you get.  Big bold dreams simply aren’t available at bargain basement prices.

*Resource: Srinivas Rao, PETER SIMS & Photo Credit: Pete Jelliffe via Compfight

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