God’s Birthday Gift To Me: The Gift Of A Godly Wife

The Lord has such high aspirations for the institution of marriage that he uses the carnal earthly relationship as an illustration for the divine. A healthy, life-long Godly marriage is  something that the Lord has his children pursue with vigor (The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22 NLT) (A wife of noble character who can find?  She is more precious than rubies. Proverbs31:10 NIV)

Over the last Sixteen years knowing her, the last seven years of marriage, & the day after the BEST Birthday I ever had! I have learned that, every women has beauty as she is a creation of the Almighty God. And that a godly wife is to be sought after, pursued, loved, protected and held in high esteem! i.e. Like Mine!

I could not begin to calculate the value (c / 1.5 ≈ 200,000 km/s * e=−1, where i=−1./P (1 + r/12)12 + Ayana, carry the 1=?) of the fellowship of my godly wife—she is priceless. A daughter of the Most High God is more precious than all the treasures a man can gather for himself, yet she cannot be purchased nor acquired with cleverness. In fact, she is completely hidden from the eyes of the flesh; she is reserved for a godly husband. I pray that’s what I am to her.

My heart rises up to the Lord each morning to bless my wife, to praise her before my Heavenly Father, to declare her worth and to ask for His favor upon her. I’ve watched her grow before the Lord in wisdom, gentleness, discretion, and love… a selfless love that considers others as she lays down her life in Christ. A broken and contrite heart before God, He has filled her with knowledge and wisdom; her steps are steady, her vision is clear, and she is a wise confidant to her husband. Her purpose is ever before her as she steadfastly fills the role of help-meet; coming along side me in the call of God upon my life.

She has laid everything down in faith, fully trusting our God; He has filled her to overflowing with His presence. He has poured out His favor upon her and blessed her above her peers, and all that she desires comes to her before she asks. In wisdom she has laid herself down, knowing and trusting God; she has followed Sarah’s holy example as she offered quiet and humble respect and honor to Abraham—a true picture of the church before Christ. 1 Peter 3:1-6 She has gained the esteem and admiration of her husband; she has obtained my deepest respect… she is a precious jewel to me.

One of the most important things a man can do is to honor his wife.  Honor and respect are essential elements to a great relationship.  Proverbs tells us, “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.”

 Tell the world and your spouse – great things that you know about them!!

Here are 10 reasons I love my wife Ayana!

1) She is an awesome wife – Ayana grows more beautiful inside and out the longer we are married. She is the greatest partner and companion to me. She balances me in my weaknesses and spurs me to become more like Jesus in our marriage and life. “She completes me! She is everything I never know I needed… My Missing Piece!”

2) She is patient – For those that know me, know I don’t like to always do things the easiest way a tymes! So that is a BIG one! Her patience with me and others reveals her heart to show the love of Christ.

3) She is kind – I’m grateful for the kindness she pours out on those who need encouragement. She loves people, opportunity, new experiences and seeing the good that is around us. Her kindness is attractive to those who need the love of God.

4) She has my back – I’m thankful for her commitment to me and support. She breathes life into me, especially when I am struggling. Ayana words to me have weight. She can make me or break me. Her specific and genuine encouragement to me is powerful.

5) She is peaceful – I’m grateful for a wife that does not live off of drama but seeks peace and forgiveness.

6) She is grateful – Ayana is grateful for even the little things. She makes the most of every situation. By faith she sees the silver lining in every gray cloud.

7) She is my best friend – She knows me inside and out and unconditionally loves me.  She likes ‘hanging out’ with me. We have different interests so we have a great dynamic of independence in our relationship. But I’d rather be with her than anyone. She finds a way to enjoy what I enjoy. We like different kinds of movies and different kinds of food but we enjoy doing different things – together. i.e. (Star Wars, The History Channel, Chinese / Spicy food). She is a great friend to others and has compassion on others.

8) She is forgiving – Ayana does not hold grudges very long. Just long enough! She is quick to forgive and love people. She wants peace, joy and love in all areas of life. I’m grateful that she extends forgiveness to me for all the not so smart things I do on occasions.

9) She is faithful to God – Ayana is focused upon bringing God glory in life. She prays, she listens, she cares, she changes and she trusts. She is committed to using her gifts to see Him glorified. Her voice is glorifying to God and is a ministry of the gospel. Her faith inspires others. Her faith directs her and corrects her. I can trust that. Her faithfulness will matter in eternity!

10) She will be a fantastic mom – Ayana is great with children. Her loving heart will be a blessing to our children. She will be a woman they will be able to look up to and inspire to be like. And proud to call their mother!

This is only 10 of the thousands of reasons I love my wife!

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Oh the inestimable worth of a godly wife ~ a woman of tender obedience to God in Christ Jesus! Ayana—truly ‘the gift of God’.


Photos by: Manik Rathee

Inspired by: Add Virtue.com


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