Only When You Say Move, Then I’ll Move

So often I find myself in a situation where I could really do with hearing a clear word from the Lord-and at tymes I forget that He can speak that word to me through anyone or thing. Even YouTube!

God has blown my mind at tymes as I think back on my journey with Him.  There have been tymes when He has come through in unexpected ways.  I thought I was going there to listen to my Jazz playlist & just enjoy some John Coltrane while I ate lunch, but God being my Jehovah Jireh – The LORD Will Provide knew the trails I’m presently going through. And made my fat fingers clicked on a Ricardo Sanchez’s link: And then an Israel Houghton link: And for seventeen minutes and eight seconds I cried while God used these so familiar worship songs to just talk to my spirit man!

If you’ve been a Christian for longer than let’s say 7 minutes then you’ve most likely encountered a situation where you thought God was asking you to be still but you were highly tempted to make a move in order to set things in motion. Those are high-pressure situations that truly test one’s heart and reveal our level of trust in God. It can be very difficult to wait on God especially when He is silent. The pressure for us to make a move without His approval rises steadily with each passing moment.

In my devotions tyme reading through some of the most powerful words I think in the Bible. I have been focusing on God’s words to Jeremiah. I realize that as believers we don’t just read the Bible as a historical document but as God’s word to us today. That’s a principle I have been carrying into my devotions as I discover some of the incredible statements of encouragement and hope that the Lord speaks into Jeremiah’s situation.

If ever there was a man of God called to make a move it was Jeremiah! Jeremiah stood alone for 42 years of ministry; preaching, pleading, weeping, warning the nation that judgment would come unless they sought the Lord’s forgiveness and compassion. No-one seemed to listen, and eventually the city of Jerusalem was destroyed. All of us want to have a positive impact on the culture around us, but poor old Jeremiah was called to a ministry that was definitely hard and he wasn’t going to be popular. Despite the difficult circumstances, Jeremiah ultimately remained faithful and determined-mostly due to the powerful voice of the Lord.

Even under intense pressure, he wouldn’t make a move without God’s permission. In the end, he recovered all and enjoyed a great victory with God’s help. Next tyme you’re under pressure to ‘make a move’, pause and ask God exactly what He wants you to do. If He is silent then refrain from attempting to ‘help’ Him without a clear directive. Don’t fall prey to intimidation. Act but don’t react.

I have been truly touched when I have read the following verses:

Jeremiah 30:21-22
Jeremiah 32:26-27
Jeremiah 33:3
*Also read Luke 9:23-27 it will all tie in!


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