God wants full custody, He doesn’t just want weekend visitation!

I just saw this phrase on a church sign last night on the way home with my wife. This statement had resonated with me all night into this morning  “GOD DOESN’T WANT WEEKEND VISITATION – HE WANTS FULL CUSTODY!”

Too often in Christianity, that’s about all that God gets. WEEKEND VISITATION. So often we treat God as our divorced father, one who has weekend custody. Yet, with weekend custody we only wish to give our father a couple of hours on Sunday, because we have other things to do. Once a week is all some think about God. The truth of the matter many Christians only visit, or call on God when there is trouble, hard tymes, barriers, or when they are seeking answers. Simply put, God is asking for full custody not temporary visitation to fit our needs.  Does God DEMAND full-custody of those who are His disciples- those that are members of His Body? Read this in his words in Luke 14: 26-35.

To put custody in a carnal perspective, typically children from broken families, foster homes, or divorce yearn for a relationship, love, comfort and affection from parents not just an occasional tymed scheduled event. This is the same guardianship God longs to have with His children. More often than not the root cause for people shunning from relationships with God is lack of desire, tyme, or the belief of solving one’s own problems. The misnomer that an occasional prayer and thanksgiving is all that is needed to have a relationship is far from the truth. These idiotic thoughts drive a wedge deeper between God and His children.

The true question is “Are you willing to relinquish your all to God”? Often tymes people find themselves attempting to do things on their own oppose to surrendering or allowing God the Father just as a parent to have full custody. He has an open schedule that we can call out to Him at any tyme. It is His desire for us to allow Him full custody however we have to open the door to allow Him the opportunity. Once you hand over you life God becomes the navigator provided you give him total control.

In this new state of living will all troubles go away? No! Will things become easier? Sure! Will some of your desires be granted? In God’s tyme they will. At the end of the day you need to remember God’s word that states He will not leave or for sake us and by relinquishing yourselves to God he will Show His ways, teach the right paths to travel, as well as Guide in His truth. Psalms 25:4-5

Sundays are wonderful day for Christians. We have the opportunity to study the scriptures, sing, pray together, commune together at the Lord’s Supper table. However, most of our lives don’t consist of Sunday’s does it? Most of our walk with Jesus is on Monday – Saturday.

I Peter 2:21, “For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps:”

We must be active as a Christian on Mon-Sat, and be just as involved as we are on Sundays and maybe an occasional supervised Wednesday Bible Study. But sadly, for many Christians, God has become a weekend activity instead of an entire life transformation. Does He even get that much attention?

Galatians 2:20, “I speak in love to urge each of you to consider in your own lives, does God get weekend visitation only or does He get full custody in our lives?

II Timothy 2:15 Commands that we STUDY the Word of God to show our self approved.

Fiends if you take out Sunday and Wednesday, but count M, T, TR, Sat. How often do you pick up your Bible?  Are you setting tyme aside for personal bible study? Is this blog making you uncomfortable? I’m not here to give you a guilt trip. I am here to make us aware that if we continue giving God only the left- over’s, what can we expect on judgment day? In Mark 12: 28-31 we are told, commanded to love God FIRST, not SECOND or third, but first!

The question we ask our selves can’t be; “What would I like to do, but heavenly Father what would you have me to do?” The dying words of Paul reflect a Christian who had given full custody of himself to the Lord Jesus. Sadly enough, we are in a Spiritual Custody battle between Satan and our heavenly Father. The Good thing is you have the right too choose who you want to live with eternally. Consider your choice and then consider your commitment? As simplistic as this blog reads so can your quest to a new life can begin. It is your call do you want just weekend visitation can you let go and allow God full custody of your life?

You choose!


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