Don’t Settle For The Ordinary!

So many today settle for ordinary when they could experience the EXTRAordinary.  You really can do more, dream bigger and experience the extraordinary life that Jesus came to give you! We’re 26 days into this New Year and I have a very important question for everyone. So far, is this year happening TO you OR is it happening THROUGH YOU? Sounds a little preachy, but I really want you to think about this for a few seconds.


Are you waking up everyday, just like you did last year HOPING for change, but starting to feel like you’re in for more and more of the same? You’ve got both fingers crossed, and your arms crossed, and your toes and legs crossed… you’ve even got your eyes crossed… and you’ve still getting pounded?

That’s because WISHING for a better life never yields a better life! In fact BIG wishes and LITTLE materialization of those BIG wishes only leads to dissonance! Dissonance is the internal conflict we all feel because of the BIG gap between our BELIEFS and our ACTIONS.

Dissonance is defined as:  lack of agreement; especially: inconsistency between the beliefs one holds OR between one’s actions and one’s beliefs.

Why Are We Settling For Middle Ground?

I’m referencing the deliverance of Israel from Egypt when Moses led them through the Red Sea… and, instead of going the REST OF THE WAY into their INHERITANCE… they SETTLED in a place called THE WILDERNESS. The wilderness represents that MIDDLE GROUND between our sinful past and the full inheritance of our salvation! I want to do everything I can to make sure NOT ONE PERSON settles in the middle ground of the wilderness…

It Takes Faith! We have to BELIEVE that God does not want to leave us how he finds us! That God wants to BLESS US in order to MAKE US a blessing… so that he MIGHT FULFILL HIS COVENANT in the earth! We are far more useful to him when our marriages are healthy and our bodies are healthy and we have some money and we have great influence in this earth!

In the book of Haggai, the Israelites were looking for change but waking up every day with more and more of the same! Nothing ever changed UNTIL they ACTED on Gods word to them. This is a perfect example of LIVING OUR OWN LIVES, in our OWN STRENGTH… while HOPING for God’s blessing! Sounds like the definition of insanity! And if we keep doing the SAME THINGS, we will keep getting the same results!

We have to BELIEVE for God’s blessing for his favor, protection, healing, and spiritual strength! We have to believe that he will ENLARGE OUR TERRITORY. That he will OPEN NEW DOORS FOR US that EVERY obstacle in front of us will MOVE! We have to believe that God loves us and desires for us to RISE FROM THE OBSCURITY of our faithless past… to show this world a conquering faith!

Real Faith Produces Corresponding Actions! And how will we know we are BELIEVING GOD? We will know when certain ACTION starts manifesting in our lives that MATCH our WISHES and our PROFESSION of FAITH. And you know what’s exciting about all of this?? The entire universe starts to CONSPIRE in our favor when we START WALKING towards our dreams! In the situation with Joshua… Look at how everything CHANGED after the unbelieving generation died out And a new generation rose with FAITH and CORRESPONDING ACTIONS!

After 40 years of barely getting by at the middle ground of their wilderness, they GOT UP with a NEW FAITH and went the REST OF THE WAY into the ABUNDANCE of their promised land! Do you think this happens to people today in the 21st century? Absolutely! Let’s meditate on this throughout the day… and let’s answer the question:

So far, in 2012… is life happen to me or through me? There’s still plenty of tyme to change!                     *reprint&mod


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