FOOT SOLDIER FOR CHRIST Ministry (FS4C) is a nondenominational New Testament fellowship of believers who are committed to encouraging Men and Women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with 2 Cor 10:3-4 and ACTS 2:42. We are Called, Chosen, Confirmed, and Charged. We are a Purposed and Promised people; who agree to answer the call to be Soldier in the Kingdom of GOD effecting change throughout the nations.

We are Soldiers of the living God.  We’re going to claim our kingdom because the Lord Jesus Christ is my commanding officer. The Holy Bible is my Code of Conduct.  Faith, Prayer, and the Word are the weapons of my warfare.  We have I have been taught by the Holy Spirit. Trained by experience. Tried by adversity, and been tested by fire. We are volunteers in this army, and we have enlisted for all of eternity. We will retire either in this army at the rapture, or I will die in this army.

• Soldier – A Soldier is person who contends or persists steadfastly in any cause. Someone who does not wish to engage in conflict but is fully prepared to fight to the death to keep the peace. He will fight to the death to defend GOD highest Ideals and Values. He will fight to the death to defend the freedom of those who cannot defend themselves. A Soldier uses both body and mind in harmony and cooperation. A Soldier is disciplined. A Soldier assesses both his own skills and resources and those of his opponent. A Soldier is one who will not always win every battle life puts in his path. He is one who will face those battles and never quit

Our Purpose:

Is to cause a Response; to Irritate; to Agitate; and to Stimulate SOLDIERS of CHRIST not to place God in a box!

What We Do:

Our primary mission is discipleship and training of SOLDIERS of CHRIST. We provide men with resources to develop godly character and to equip them to influence their world for Christ. Becoming a SOLDIERS of CHRIST is not a destination; it is the beginning of a life-long journey. Our objective is to be an example of holiness, excellence, character, and integrity. Through our gifts, skills and talents in accordance with Ephesians 4:11-12, GOD has sent us to spread the good news of the Gospel to all of every culture, people in all nations, of all ages and economic background. We desire to see lives changed by His Word, and for the people of GOD to become effective and empowered through faith. Through biblical principles and positive Christian mentoring and fellowship we try to help us reinforce accountability to our communities by providing basic tools and training required to overcome personal obstacles and limitations today and become family and community leaders of tomorrow.

We are here to (W.E.L.D.)

To Worship: To praise and worship the Lord God Almighty as a corporate body.

To Evangelize: To see lost souls saved for the Kingdom of God.

To Love: To meet the physical as well as spiritual needs of the of the community.

To Disciple: To teach and lead saints in the pattern of Christ, and equip them to lead others to Christ.

Our Mission:

We affirm that the Scriptures command us to make disciples of all people by reaching them with a credible offer of the gospel, exhorting them to pursue a love for and knowledge of God, teaching them to obey everything Christ commanded, and equipping them for spiritual service in the home, church, workplace, and community. Therefore, we will seek to do together what none of us could do alone to reach the men of America. We will each endeavor to develop and coordinate our plans and strategies to “point all the arrows in the same direction” so that what we do together will be greater than what any of us could do alone

Statement of Faith:                                                                                                             

                 “A SOLDIERS CREED” 
I’m a Soldier in the ARMY of the LORD.
The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commanding Officer.
The Holy Bible is my Code of Conduct.
Faith, Prayer, and the Word are my Weapons of Warfare.
I am a volunteer in this ARMY
I am enlisted for eternity.
I have been Trained by the Holy Spirit –
Taught by Experience – Tried by Adversity –
Tested by Fire.
I’ll always place GODs mission first.
I’ll never accept defeat. I will never quit.
I’ll endure hardness, as a good soldier.
I will always maintain MY Faith, MY Armor &
HIS Commandments first!



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      • I am a volunteer with a small, non-profit organization that assists homeless, former convicts and recovering addicts in developing life skills and becoming well formed Christians. Many of our clients are veterans. We are revising our discipleship program and I am leading this effort. Given the military service background of many of our clients, I thought it would be appropriate to leverage a military theme, complete with a rank and promotion structure. We also need a logo. My team really likes the Iwo Jima graphic you have on this page. Would you consider allowing us to use it? Because this is a small ministry, it would only be used for limited applications such as printed materials we circulate with our clients and possibly screen printing on shirts the clients wear. We would certainly credit the designer however appropriate. We would not use the name, “Foot Soldiers for Christ” and create our own name.

        Thank you for your consideration! God bless your efforts to build up men and women of faith.

      • Terry,

        We appreciate you liking our logo, but not we are unable to authorized the use of this logo. Our three logos are Registered and Trademarked logo. We wish your non-profit well.

        Andre’ D. Blount

        “Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say; Always Deliver More Than You Promise” ~ Carroll R. Armstrong ~

        > Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 14:08:16 +0000 > To: >

  2. i use attemd the homeless ministry in tampa a few years ago where can I see them now. I love there outdoors ministry. Thank you, Lisa

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